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Engels, Robert
Robert HP Engels is one of the key players in dissemination and application of Semantic Web technologies in Norway. Robert brings about twenty-five years of experience within the field of knowledge acquisition and engineering. He is more than interested in everything that is related to making common sense and factual knowledge available for the digital, networked world. He earned a PhD (Dr.rer.pol) from University Karlsruhe (D) in 1999. Before that he received his MSc in knowledge representation and artificial intelligence from the University of Amsterdam (NL). Currently Robert is owner and CEO of ESIS Norge AS, an SMB focused on introducing and applying semantic technologies in real-world settings. He is also affiliated to the Western Norwegian Research Institute (WNRI) as an associated professor and the Department of Cultural Affairs and Education in Oslo, where he is responsible for the ICT solution driving the Oslo experience center for popular music (Popsenteret).
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