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Rachinger, Johanna

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Ridge, Mia
Thompson, Bill

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Cousins, Jill
Kaiser, Max
Marsella, Marco

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Bergheim, Runar
Gradmann, Stefan
Oomen, Johan
Siebinga, Sjoerd
Tzouvaras, Vassilis

Master of Ceremonies

Dallas, Costis
Dr. Costis Dallas (http://entopia.org/costisdallas) holds MPhil and DPhil degrees in Classical archaeology from the University of Oxford. After many years in the museums and cultural informatics sector, in 1998 he joined the Department of Communication, Media and Culture of Panteion University, Athens, where he is currently an assistant professor of cultural heritage management and advanced technologies. From 2008 to 2010 he taught in the Museum Studies Master's programme of the Faculty of Information, University of Toronto, where he retains the status of associate professor. He is also a research fellow of the Digital Curation Unit - IMIS, Athena Research Centre in Athens.

His research work is mainly in the field of digital heritage, where he presently works on developing a theoretical framework for the digital curation of 'thing cultures', integrating historical approaches to the representation and study of cultural objects with methodologies, infrastructures and environments intended for the management, preservation and use of digital information. He is involved in the CARARE - Connecting archaeology and architecture in Europeana project, working on the specification, design and implementation of a repository-based architecture for the management, enrichment and curation of site, building and archaeological feature-related metadata for Europeana harvesting and dissemination. He also worked recently in Preparing DARIAH: The digital research infrastructure for the arts and humanities, developing a model for representing scholarly information practice of humanities researchers, and he is currently investigating scholarly information requirements for the European Holocaust Research Infrastructure project. Since March 2011 he is a member of the Board of Directors of the Acropolis Museum.


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