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EuropeanaConnect is a Best Practice Network funded by the European Commission within the area of Digital Libraries of the eContentplusProgramme.

Its overall objective is to deliver core components which are essential for the development and enhancement of Europeana, Europe's online library, museum and archive.

In particular, over its 30 months duration, the project will:

  • Provide multilingual searching and browsing
    including translation tools and other language resources to enable multilingual searching of objects and data in Europeana.
  • Semantically enrich digital content in Europeana
    creating new connections between objects. Semantic enrichment will make Europeana content more accessible, reusable and exploitable.
  • Develop a spatio-temporal interface
    allowing users to use chronological time as well as geographical space to search or browse the vast Europeana database.
  • Build a Europeana interface for mobile devices
    allowing browsing of Europeana on mobile devices independent of location.
  • Study the behaviour of users of digital libraries
    to understand what users really want from Europeana. Logging tools and methodologies developed by the project will identify additional services required by users.
  • Integrate multimedia annotation, eBooks-on-demand and GIS information
    allowing tagging of digital books, images and other content. To further enhance Europeana, EuropeanaConnect will integrate geographical information services and will enable the ordering of eBooks-on-demand.
  • Build and validate a set of Europeana rights licenses
    assisting in the selection of the correct licenses for digital content provided to Europeana. EuropeanaConnect will draft an initial Europeana licensing framework.
  • Create an audio-aggregation infrastructure and add music
    harvesting audio from hundreds of audio archives and aggregating 200.000 music files for Europeana. EuropeanaConnect also provides the infrastructure for harvesting, analysis and storage of audio metadata prior to integration into Europeana.
  • Deploy key infrastructure components for Europeana
    including an OAI (The OAI - Open Archives Initiative - develops and promotes interoperability standards aimed at facilitating the efficient dissemination of content) Management Infrastructure to handle large-scale metadata harvesting, a Metadata Registry to ensure interoperability, a Service Registry to enable integration of external added-value services and a Resolution Discovery Service to allow unique resource identification.